Oxjam Leighton Buzzard 2018


Oxjam Leighton Buzzard is an annual festival of music which is held each March and aims to give a platform for local musicians, singers and groups, whilst raising money for Oxfam.


The 2018 festival will be our 10th. Since we began, we've raised almost £50,000 in total.


This year's schedule is already packed with lots of great gigs and events, but there's still time to be involved if you want to. Get in touch and let us know!


This year we're also proud to present an all-new Oxjam Leighton Buzzard compilation CD featuring performances from local musicians. It's launched on Saturday, March 3rd, at Black Circle Records in Hockcliffe Street, from 12.30pm.



'We have of course been following the national headlines about Oxfam with concern...but we want to assure supporters of Oxjam Leighton Buzzard that our work continues, and the 2018 music festival will run as planned.

We believe that 99.9% of Oxjam staff work tirelessly for the people they serve – not just in emergency situations, but also in the hundreds of long-term projects that are striving to raise people out of poverty and give them the resilience to help themselves and their communities - and we hope that most people will agree with us. If you'd like further reassurance, please take a moment to read this open letter from Oxfam's chief executive. And please do continue to support us!'

Picture: Sonny Nathan https://www.sonnynathan.com/

If you would like to find out more, to donate, or to buy CDs, please get in touch using the Contact  page!


Check out the Festival 2017 events page to see what happened last year.

We are delighted that Oxjam Leighton Buzzard 2018 is sponsored by  five fantastic local companies. Our thanks to:

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